About Rangi Lalls

Rangi Lalls is the largest Auction House established by the Viceroy and Governor General of India Sir Victor Bruce, 9th Earl of Elgin in Old Delhi. it has blossomed into a topmost 21st century Hi-tech company.

Ever since its inception, it  has been the trusted auctioneers to the Government of India, Ministry of Defence-all branches, DGBR, E-in-C, along with private companies such as L&T, ACC, Kirloskar, American Embassy, UNICEF, The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. etc. In 2017, Rangi Lalls started its transition to an online SaaS model providing buyers and sellers a platform to bid and participate competitively in a digital environment.

Rangilall’s portfolio of complete disposal solutions combine hardware, software, and cloud to bring real-time visibility, analytics, and AI to operations. We serve over 10000 customers Pan India across different sizes and industries from scrap dealers, recyclers, traders and smelters.

Over the last few years our team has successfully created and managed over ten thousand transactions between parties. Today our team believes in transforming the traditional way of conducting auctions to a high tech platform. The company in its relentless pursuit of excellence pushes the boundaries to create a user experience like no other. 

Our team includes topmost software professionals, management and marketing experts headed by Mr. Neeraj Gupta.

Our company has been able to get topmost disposal prices through speedy and transparent technology processes which have been perfected over decades of experience.